Arsenal fans brutally attacked by cowardly Napoli thugs in Piebury Corner restaurant before last night’s game

As is their wont whenever they face English opposition Napoli’s notorious and nefarious thugs struck on the innocent again last night.

Unlike most other Ultra groups  who only fight amongst other groups, and leave innocent fans alone, Napoli’s thuggish Ultras are notorious for preying on the unsuspecting, and did a classic cowardly job in London last night.

The Ultras struck at popular pre-match pie and mash restaurant the Piebury Corner, where families and children as young as 12 were eating.

Arsenal supporter Tim Garwood (pictured below) was attacked with a piece of cast-iron garden furniture, and was left bloodied and in need of hospital care.

A statement issued by London’s Metropolitan Police said the incident, which saw one man assaulted and the window of the Piebury Corner restaurant smashed, started when around 30 Napoli supporters became involved in a verbal exchange with Arsenal fans on their way to the Emirates where the home side won 2-0. The Napoli fans then turned violent, smashing a window and throwing a number of chairs before moving on.”

Pictures of Napoli’s menacing Ultras and the injured Arsenal fans, and video (report) below the fold.

(Via Daily Mail)

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