Arsenal fan Claude: ‘I feel sorry for Alexis Sanchez; he used to have Xavi, now he has Arteta’ [Video]

After the high of Sanogo’s hat-trick and beating Benfica 5-1 yesterday, Arsenal were brought back to earth with a 0-1 defeat to Monaco today, meaning they again failed to lift the Emirates Cup as hosts.

Robbie from Arsenal TV spoke to some disappointed Gooners outside the ground, and caught up with regular crank Claude, who invariably has very little positive to say about his side.

Looking as if he’s just attended a funeral, the Arsenal fan said:

‘Mate I feel sorry for Alexis Sancez; he’s used to working with Xavi and Iniesta, now he’s got Arteta’, which cracked his fellow Gooners up.

But he was easy on Arteta compared to the criticism he had reserved for ‘that lump’ Olivier Giroud.

The guy went on a wide-ranging rant against Giroud, insisting that the French striker is just not good enough for a team with designs on the Premier League trophy.

‘I can’t have it! Can’t have it! He ain’t good enough, ain’t good enough!’