Arsenal fan Bully jokes that Luis Suarez looked “toothless” in the Gunners’ 2-0 win over Liverpool

Arsenal superfan Bully was interviewed by after the 2-0 win over Liverpool on Saturday, and one of the Gunners most diehard supporters was full of jokes as he spoke to Arsenal Fan TV.

Celebrating the defeat of the Scousers, Bully delivered a complete a quips in Luis Suarez’s direction. Bully scoffed:

Suarez looked toothless today! I think part of the reason that they changed kicked off is that he’d have lunch and wouldn’t eat anyone.

Bully wasn’t the only fan using humour in their analysis of the Reds, as one (London based) Liverpool supporter who was willing to talk to Arsenal Fan TV told them:

We f*cking left [Suarez and Sturridge] in Liverpool. Arsenal were the better team… Arsenal showed us up today. 

Watch the fan interviews after Arsenal 2 – Liverpool 0 below.