Arsenal, Chelsea & Man City chase Luis Suarez [Star]

Luis Suarez is pretty adamant about leaving Anfield. After previously citing the English Press as his reason for wanting to leave Liverpool, he appeared flattered by interest shown by Arsenal and Chelsea.

Wednesday’s Star, claiming an exclusive, (which it isn’t,) state that in an interview with a Uruguyan radio show Luis Suarez claimed he is prepared to join one of Liverpool’s Premier League rivals.

Manchester City and Chelsea have been alerted by this, with Arsenal already having one bid of £30M rejected.

In their ‘exclusive’, The Star recount some of the quotes Luis Suarez told the radio show approximately 16 hours earlier.

I am due back in about 10 days, but a phone call could change everything.

The Luis Suarez transfer saga has definitely got legs and looks likely to dominate the backpages this summer.

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