Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says Nicklas Bendtner will be fined for his actions in Copenhagen [Video]

Arsenal were knocked out the Champions League by Bayern Munich on Tuesday night.

Not in the match squad, Nicklas Bendtner went to Copenhagen and ended up getting into a fight with a taxi driver.

Asked about the incident in his press conference, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger claimed Bendtner didn’t have permission to go to Copenhagen.

Wenger told the press that Bendtner will be fined for his actions.

Wenger said: “Honestly I don’t know really what happened because I haven’t spoken to him. The only thing that is for sure is he had nothing to do in Copenhagen. Nobody gave him any permission to go to Copenhagen and he will be fined for that.

“For the rest, he has created some trouble there I don’t know, I will speak to him today.”

Watch the video here: