Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger admits complete surprise that Crystal Palace parted with miracle-worker Tony Pulis

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has admitted he was completely surprised by the fact that Crystal Palace parted ways with manager Tony Pulis.

It was announced that Pulis had stepped away from the club by mutual consent after he saved from relegation last season, winning plaudits for his incredible work at Selhurst Park.

Wenger, whose Arsenal side host Palace this weekend, said: “It was a complete surprise to me, and what kind of consequences will that have on Crystal Palace, I don’t know. The only thing you can say is that he has done a remarkable job last season. And he made a miracle, and I don’t know why he left but it took me by surprise.”

The Frenchman also revealed that he spoke to Pulis very recently and that he gave no sign of the departure: “I was at a manager’s meeting on Monday with Tony Pulis and nothing indicated that he would not be here tomorrow afternoon.”

You can see all of Wenger’s comment in the video above.