‘Arry Redknapp: ‘Only success Spurs had is with an Englishman (Me), I hope Sherwood’s not overlooked for a foreigner’

QPR manager Harry Rednkapp was asked about the Spurs situation at his Friday presser, and old ‘Arry couldn’t help but stick the boot into Daniel Levy and co. for the way he was treated at the club, a matter he still clearly feels bitter about.

Asked about the sacking of AVB, Redknapp said, ‘Well they seem to sack a lot of managers don’t they…they’ve appointed a lot of managers in the last few years, I think the only success they had was with an Englishman (referring to himself)…’

Redknapp let that thought linger in the air, and basked in the moment before expounding further:

‘Tim’s (Sherwood) a good man, has great knowledge of the game, so I hope he gets a chance and isn’t (overlooked) for a Dutch, Italian or French manager…just because he’s not a foreigner.’

Redknapp might have come over a bit heavy with the Del Boy-don’t-like-Jonny-Foreigners’ spiel, but it’s hard to argue with his claim that he’s the only manager to have brought relative success to the club under Daniel Levy’s ownership, guiding Spurs to a Champions League quarter-final in 2010/11.

Watch Redknapp’s presser below.