Armenian referees get a lifetime ban for fixing a Europa League match played under a month ago

Andranik Arsenyan and Hovhannes Avagyan won’t be getting near a football pitch anytime soon.

Two Armenian referees have received lifetime bans from their domestic FA after being found guilty of having influenced the 2013 Europa League match between FC Inter Turku (Finland) and Víkingur Gøta (Faroe Islands) on July 11th.

According to reports, a wager of 300,000 was placed with Betfair that both teams would score in the match, which initially triggered suspicions of something untoward. Then, when the match actually started, two dubious penalties were called one after another for both sides by the ref.

UEFA subsequently launched an investigation, and the findings were that two Armenian referees on duty in the game had been bought.

The twist in the tale is that the mystery fixer lurking in the shadows also lost.

Despite the two penalties to each side, hosts Inter Turku missed their spot-kick ending the match 0-1 to Víkingur.

Watch footage of the two dodgy penalties below.