Argentine journo calls Germany players (Götze, Schürrle) ‘Nasty Nazis’ over World Cup celebration song [Video]

Germany’s World Cup celebrations in Berlin didn’t go down well in Argentina.

Ton Kroos, Miroslav Klose, André Schürrle, Mario Götze, Benedikt Höwedes Roman Weidenfeller led a joke song on the stage, singing ‘So geh’n die Gauchos’ – this is how the Gauchos walk’,  crouching down to show their deflated egos after losing the final.

They then stood proudly up, and sang ‘So geh’n die Deutschen’ – this is how the Germans walk‘.

Pretty harmless banter, right? Not in Argentina.

Though Argentina were the authors of the World Cup’s biggest wind-up, with their song taunting Brazil (‘Brazil Dime Que Se Siente), they’ve taken very preciously to Germany’s bit of banter.

Seems they can give it out, but can’t take it.

La Nacion, Ole, Clarin – every major Argentine paper ran the story as ‘Germany’s controversial celebrations;  but Uruguayan-Argentine  Víctor Hugo Morales took his criticism too far, in his program Radio Continental.

Hugo Morales delved into the historical sphere, with a bit of pseudo-sociological analysis, and described the German players as ‘disgusting Nazis’.

‘Its was thinkig like these players that led Germany to kill six million people (referring clearly to the Holocaust)

With that mental faculty, that superior belief and stupidity.

These players have done very little for Germany, a country that’s trying to erase the image of discrimination, one that thinks it’s a superior race, in the name of which it committed mass murder.

If this is how they celebrate, that means there’s still a part of Germany that’s sick’.

Bitter much?

Watch the German players’ celebration that so irked Argentina on the clip below.