Argentina U17 player Thomas Conechny falls 10ft out of window while playing FIFA

Playing video games with friends, especially of the sporting kind, can often be fraught and intense affairs, with the console equipment offering suffering serious, irreparable damage in the aftermath.

Playstation controllers, and indeed the consoles themselves themselves, have been known to go flying out windows (don’t try this at home kids) following what the loser perceives to have been a gross miscarriage of justice from the referee.

But in this case, it was one of the players who went flying out the window, and who was ultimately lucky to escape with just a couple of twisted ankles and a few scratches.

Argentine U17 international Thomas Conechny was playing a game of FIFA 15 with his friend while on holiday in Paraguay, and went flying out the window after leaping backwards and leaning too hard against the pane of glass.

A hotel worker quickly came to his aid, who is trained in first aid, so Conechny was fortunately in good hands and treated quickly.

A real-life football player suffering injury from playing a football video game simulation: how meta.

(Via Mirror)