Are you mental? Standard Liege’s Mehdi Carcela sent off for landing a crazy right punch vs OH Leuven

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Standard Liege’s Moroccan international Mehdi Carcela was sent off just before the break against OH Leuven on Sunday for an absolutely brain-dead assault.

Carcela had his heels whipped away by a silly challenge from Leuven forward Bjorn Ruytinx, but the Liege player’s reaction was completely disproportionate.

Like a total nutter, Carcela bounced up onto his feet and landed a heavy right punch square in Ruytinx’s jaw right in front of the ref.

Carcela was shown an instant read card for his GBH, which was the second dismissal in the opening 45 minutes of the game after OH Leuven had Alessandro Cerigion red carded five minutes previous for a rash tackle from behind.

UPDATE: Since publishing this article, it has now been reported that Carcela suffered torn ligaments against OH Leuven as a result of tough tackles in the game, which was the reason why the Moroccan flew so violently off the handle.

Watch Mehdi Carcela’s mental assault, and Cerigioni’s red card also, on the video below.

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