Arbeloa goes in studs up on James at Real Madrid training, Rodriguez pulls away in time [Video]

After missing out on Spain’s World Cup squad, and losing his place (also due to injury) to Dani Carvajal last season, Alvaro Arbeloa knows he’s up against it to stake a claim to the rigt back spot at Real Madrid this season.

The full-back, more known these days for his Twitter antics than his on-pitch performances, played the hard man at training this morning, going in studs up on James Rodriguez during a game of Rondos.

Though he wasn’t reckless nor did both feet leave the ground, he did catch James’ foot, and his foot was clearly too high; not the done thing in training.

James managed to pull his foot away in time, otherwise he could have been left with a pretty heavy knock from Arbeloa.