APPALLING: Villarreal fined just €12,000 for racism directed at Barcelona’s Dani Alves [Best Tweets]

You’ve gotta be joking, right?

The Spanish FA have finally reacted to the banana thrown by a Villarreal fan at Barcelona’s Dani Alves, however the punishment for the racist behaviour was pathetic.

Instead of sending out a stern message that such behaviour has no place with football, Villarreal have been fined just €12,000 for the racist actions of their supporters.

Many had been hoping that Villarreal would not only receive a heavier fine, but also many had expected that they would be served with a punishment that would have seen part of Villarreal’s El Madrigal stadium closed.

Sadly that’s not happened.

Below are the best tweets commenting on the tame fine imposed on a Villarreal after one of their fans threw a banana at Dani Alves.