Appalling scenes in Argentina as a referee gets beaten to the floor, then kicked in the face

The brother of Boca Juniors star Rolando Schiavi, Leandro Schiavi, has upstaged his sibling for all the wrong reasons after he was filmed brutally assaulting a referee in an amateur match in Argentina.

The incident occurred as Hurricane Arribenos beat Jorge Newbery 2-0 in the past few days.

The action started when referee Darius Funes went over to check up on a Jorge Newbery player who was lying flat on the ground. Seconds later Leandro Schiavi, wearing Hurricane Arribenos’ green number 2 jersey, appeared on the scene, and he immediately tried to drag his fallen opponent to his feet in a gesture which suggested he though the Newbery man was faking.

Within a blink of an eye a group of players from both sides piled into the mix and the pushing and shoving began. Schiavi was sent off in the aftermath, but that only served to kick matters off in a far more dramatic fashion.

Seconds after flashing the red card, several Hurricane players set upon the man in black like a viscous pack of wolves. The Hurricane number 5 was particularly disgraceful as he punched the official in the head with a sly attack from behind.

Ref Funes instantly slumped to the floor and then came the most awful moment of all: the dismissed Leandro Schiavi kicked the grounded official full in the face.

Watch the horrific assault below.

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