Anuradha Desai’s hubby takes a snowball to the face during an angry Blackburn fan protest

The atmosphere was toxic before kick off at Ewood Park on Saturday, and one can only assume that intensified after Charlton picked up a 2-1 win at Blackburn.

The Venky’s were in attendance as the Addicks walked away with the three points, and a decent-sized fan protest awaited the Indian owners as they turned up at the stadium in chauffeured driven Rolls Royces.

As Balaji Rao and Venkatesh Rao stepped out of the first vehicle the Blackburn fans, separated by an iron fence and a line of stewards, started chanting “We want Venky’s out! We want Venky’s out!”

Moments later Anuradha Desai, chairperson of the Venky’s group, emerged from the second Rolls with her husband, and he was made the victim of the hour when a snowballed thrown from a crowd whacked him in the head.

According to reports two Blackburn fans were arrested in the snowball-throwing incident.

Watch two eye-witness videos of the Blackburn protest and snowball throw below.