Another unbearably depressing & gallows Gooner talks to Arsenal Fan TV post-Chelsea defeat: ‘Bendtner’s a disgrace, Ryo’s crap’

What is with Gooners these days?

Top of the league and going great guns in Europe (the recent Dortmund defeat aside), it’s all coming up roses for the Arsenal, when everyone had written them off after one game.

After winning (WINNING!) at Crystal Palace, an unbearably depressing Gooner talked as if the club were in danger of being relegated (though he was mostly just bitter at losing his bet), and another, possibly even more depressing Gooner had a great big moan following the defeat to Chelsea last night.

Granted, Arsenal lost, but the league cup’s the lowest priority in a campaign that Arsenal look like genuine title contenders.

The suited Gooner didn’t care though, and launched a gallows moan to Arsenal Fan TV, citing Bendtners’ ‘disgraceful attitude’ and the crapness of the second string, namely Ryo Myachi.

If the guy got any more depressing a funeral was going to break out, someone get that man a stiff drink and tell him to lighten the f**k up!

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