Another riot in South America, as the corner flag is used as a weapon

While English football finds itself troubled by loud-mouthed managers and footballers who verbally abuse match-officials, in South America confrontations continue to be of a far more physical nature, with yet another riot breaking out over the weekend, this time in Bolivia.

Domestic champions Aurora played host to Wilsterman in a local derby, and the match descended into chaos after a skirmish mushroomed into a full scale brawl, with the match officials handling the circumstances particularly badly.

For an unknown reason, in the second half tempers between the two sides flared up, with the players pushing and shoving each other as the game began to unravel. Attempting to restore order, the match officials appeared to react extremely slowly to the incident, waiting several minutes to defuse the situation by sending off a few of the perpetrators involved in the melee.

But that is when the trouble really kicked off. Aurora’s Edson Zenteno refused to accept his marching orders, resulting in a team of riot police being called upon to forcably remove the player from the proceedings. Predictably, Zenteno stepped up his protestations, and with the riot police equalling stepping up their efforts to escort the player off the pitch, his fellow teammates came to his aid, with violence breaking out.

Cue the flying karate kicks from the footballers, countered by the baton-wielding police, and peaking with sub-keeper Silvio Dulcich attacking the police with the corner flag.

See how the brawl developed here.

(Credit to The Spoiler)