Another Miss of the Season: Joel Tshibamba (Arka Gdynia) vs Polonia Bytom

For much of the week lovers of football bloopers have been circulating the horror miss of KC Wizards forward Kei Kamara against the LA Galaxy from last weekend in the MLS. (Watch here.)

Apologies for being a little slow on the uptake of the footage, but now we have a new muppet to laugh as we flag up a nightmare miss from just under a month ago in the Polish league. At the end of March, Arka Gdynia played out a dramatic 2-all draw with Polonia Bytom in a match which had an incredible late set of twists.

In the third minute of injury time, with the score at 2-1, home Congolese striker Joel Tshibamba contrived to pull off a miss of Ronny Rosenthal proportions when, after being freed through the centre, the forward rounded the keeper and left himself facing an open goal. Incredibly though, with a chance as easy as pie to convert, Tshibamba horrendously managed to sky the ball over the bar.

Rubbing salt in Arka’s wounds, Polonia immediately went up the other end in search of a leveller. And, from a throw-in in the final seconds of the contest, Grzegorz Podstawek scored to make it 2-2.

Joel Tshibamba’s epic miss can be seen here, while Podstawek’s dramatic late late equaliser can be seen here.

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