Another “ghost goal” at the Gold Cup: When will FIFA introduce goal-line technology?

Whilst the last few weeks have highlighted the mismanagement of the world game by FIFA (the latest farce being Jack Warner’s departure from the lavishly run world governing body), a crucial goal in the Gold Cup has highlighted once again the folly of not introducing goal line technology.

For fear of sounding like a broken record, at 101 Great Goals we think it is important to highlight every “ghost goal” or “Wembley Tor” as the Germans like to call them since whilst corruption in Zurich can be hard to pinpoint, this is a clear case of FIFA short changing players, fans and even referees.

If it is good enough for tennis, rugby and cricket, how can the world’s most popular sport be so far behind?

El Salvador were leading the final Gold Cup quarter-final on Sunday night 1-0 going into the final seconds of the encounter. Panama launched one of their final attacks and scrappy build-up play eventually saw Luis Tejada capitalise on a keeper mistake to head the ball over the line.

From the initial TV pictures it looked like Tejada had headed the ball over the line despite El Salvador keeper Miguel Montes catching the ball. On further analysis, the whole ball may well have not gone over the line and new pitch level footage suggests it didn’t.

In the ensuing outrage from El Salvador, a player from each side was sent off and the game descended into farce before Panama won the match on penalties, despite the fact they equalised with a goal that may not have been legal.

Luis Tejada’s controversial goal v El Salvador can be seen here.

The damning alternative view footage can be seen on this video.