Animal Abuse! Luis Moreno (Deportivo Pereira) disgracefully assaults Junior’s owl mascot

First thing to note here is that we’re not talking about a man dressed in an owl suit. That may have been funny. This is about an owl. The bird. Pure and simple.

An appalling scene of animal abuse occurred in Colombia on Sunday night when Deportivo Pereira’s Luis Moreno kicked a defenseless and injured owl – which happened to be the Junior club mascot – off the pitch. Whether criminal charges will be brought against the Panamanian remains to be seen, but the feeling is that a severe punishment needs to be meted out following the horrific behaviour Moreno displayed on the football field.

In truth question also have to be asked of Junior FC too.

According to reports, the Barranquilla based side had adopted an owl to be their club mascot, allowing the bird to wonder around the pitch during matchdays. Whether anybody thought it may be a good idea to keep the bird under some sort of control remains unknown, but from the images available it appears that few gave much thought about the pitfalls of having an owl move freely around a football field.

On Sunday night those pitfalls became clear to all.

Without malice at first instance, a Deportivo Pereira player managed to unintentionally smack the ball at the owl as it grazed on the field as the defender tried to clear the danger away from the visitors goal. Then, after seeing the owl take a beating Moreno decided to take it upon himself to remove the bird from the field through violent, cruel and nasty means.

Moreno ventured over to the poor bird and simply kicked it over the sidelines. Shocking!

Watch Luis Moreno’s incredible animal abuse.