Andy Zaltzman discusses Messi being a peripheral figure in the final edition of World Cup MisHits

Andy Zaltzman is never one to avoid telling it as it is and he’s done so again in the final edition of World Cup MisHits, a show which shines a light on glorious and hideous alike when it comes to this World Cup.

A target of his criticism in this episode is Argentina captain Lionel Messi, as well as his teammate Gonzalo Higuain.

Messi was subjected to a backlash for undesrevedly receiving the World Cup Golden Ball, an accolade for the tournament’s best player.

But that farce just gave a platform to the fact that Messi wasn’t at his best beyond the group stage. He was on the periphery. In fact, Zaltzman says that at times he was on the periphery of the periphery!

But Messi isn’t the only player to receive flack with Zaltzman saying his teammates were just as bad for relying so heavily on him.

You can hear his views below.