Andressa Urach, who claims to have had past affair with Cristiano Ronaldo, kicked out of Portugal training [Picture]

Rede TV reporter Andressa Urach is at risk of becoming a stalker case for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Last week, Urach waited outside Portugal’s training session to greet Ronaldo, but was asked to cover up and leave – on Ronaldo’s request, as she claims to have had a past affair with him.

Today, the TV reporter again tried to gain access to Portugal’s training session at the Moisés Lucarelli Stadium in Campinas, but after gaining access through her press accreditation, Urach was removed from the premises.

Urach told Lance Net: ‘They kicked me out, and I’ve got press access. We were in the middle of doing a report, and they didn’t give us any explanation.’

(Via Lance! Net)

On the clip below, bodypainted Urach can be seen telling the reporter that she had a past affair with Ronaldo.