Andres Iniesta scored a late winner for Barcelona ten years ago (video)

In England at least, the post-match reaction to the Chelsea-Barcelona clash has hardly made mention of Andres Iniesta, the match winner.

This has obviously not been the case in Spain where the diminutive schemer has been lauded for his sesational strike in injury time. For example as (Dr) Sid Lowe points out, “Marca declared: ‘Super Iniesta and the referee send Barça through’.”

The Iniesta love-in has continued with Sport uncovering footage of when Iniesta scored a winner for the Barcelona youth team ten years ago in the Nike Cup. Much like the scenes at Stamford Bridge, a 16-year-old Iniesta is mobbed by his team mates.

And to round things off nicely, the then-captain of the Barca youth team is presented with the trophy by none other than Pep Guardiola who would go wild on the touchline ten years later when Iniesta grabbed another late winner.

The video of Andres Iniesta playing ten years ago and scoring the winner for Barca in the Nike Cup can be seen here.