AVB turns on the Spurs home fans: “Very, very difficult atmosphere… almost no support!”

“I think this victory belongs to the players. They did it on themselves. We looked like the away team today and played in a very difficult atmosphere with almost no support coming. We have a wonderful set of fans but I’m pretty sure they can do better and I know they can do better. Away from home their support has been absolutely amazing. We play with no fear and full confidence and that’s why we beat all the records away from home last season. I think we need to bring this atmosphere into White Hart Lane and not the negativeness that was present in the stadium today. We didn’t have the support we should have done. There was much anxiety from the stands, the players had to do it alone.” – Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas.

Ouch! AVB is playing a very dangerous game…

When you consider Tottenham have some of the most expensive tickets in the Premier League and are struggling for attacking fluency and goals, is it any wonder that the White Hart Lane support are struggling to lift themselves?

On the other hand, Spurs have rebuilt their team after a tumultuous summer and the home fans could be a lot more patient and add their chants and cheers to the Lilywhite attacks.

In truth, AVB may well have hit upon a big problem in England, when comparing home support to away fans, the latter almost always being louder due to various factors.

Just last week, Manchester United instituted a “singing section” and the burgeoning “1882 movement” will be present at Tottenham’s next two home games to bring the atmosphere AVB is looking for.

From a purely Spurs perspective, will this bring out the best in the White Hart Lane crowd or damage relations with AVB?

Lets remember that Tottenham did win 1-0 and sit fourth in the Premier League table.

For a contrasting view to Villas’Boas’ see cricket journalist and Spurs fan Sam Collins’ Tweets below.