Andre Luis is sent off for grabbing the ref’s yellow card and waving it in his face

While attentions in Europe were fully focused on the Champions League last night, in South America focus was on the quarter-finals of the Copa Sudamericana, with the match between Botafogo and Estudiantes witnessing one of the craziest dismissals seen for some time.

Estudiantes entered the match with a 2-nil advantage from the first leg, which the Argentinians extended by adding a further two goals in the opening forty-five minutes to leave them 4-up on aggregate.

To their credit Botafogo rallied after the break, levelling the score on the night with a penalty from Flavio followed by a strike from defender Andre Luis in the 66th minute. However just three minutes later Luis turned from hero to villain, receiving his marching orders for an amazing confrontation with the ref.

After being shown a yellow card for a foul, rather than simply getting on with the game a hyped-up Luis confronted the referee who was brandishing the card. The defender then stole the card from out of the referee’s hand, began waving it furiously in the officials face, leaving the man in black with no alternative but to reach in his pocket for his other card, and ordering the player to leave the field. After being pushed by his own players to leave the pitch, Luis eventually exited the field.

Andre Luis’ crazy sending-off can be seen here.

Had Andre Luis had the same mannerisms and humour as Gazza showed during his similiar prank while at Rangers, perhaps the Brazilian would have stayed on the pitch.

But then again Andre Luis’ behaviour should have been expected, being the second time in six months that the defender lost his head on the football pitch. Then, the number 4 was sent off in a league match away at Nautico back in July, rousing a full-on confrontation with the home supporters as the footballer swore at the locals. The situation was resolved with armed police physically frog-marching Luis out of the stadium under a barrage of abuse from the home fans. (The incident can be seen here.)

Is it just me, or all of a sudden does Joey Barton seem like a nice guy?