Anderlecht’s keeper breaks his leg, and is then dropped from the stretcher

Below is classic footage from Friday night’s game in Belgium’s Jupiler League, although Anderlecht’s keeper Daniel Zitka is unlikely to be seeing the funny side.

The Czech Republic international broke the fibula in his left leg in an accident during a goalmouth scramble in the second half, and so bad was the collision that the keeper reportedly also lost two teeth in the incident as well. But, sadly for Zitka that was only the beginning of his pain.

As the medical staff came to his aid, carrying the number one off the pitch, one of the medics lost their footing, slipped, and the keeper was tossed from the stretcher back onto the floor. Charlie Chaplin would have been proud of such slapstick comedy.

Unable to hold back their laughter, the Belgium commentators laughed at the incident to the humour of the watching audience at home.

See the incident here.

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