And yet more Brazil Nuts: Palmeiras’ Diego Souza forces a fight with Santos’ Domingos

Is there something in the water in Brazil that turns footballers violent? Last week we brought you two stories of abuse in Brazil (here and here) and during Saturday’s meeting between Santos and Palmeiras yet another violent incident blew up in front of the cameras.

After being brought off the Santos bench just seconds earlier, defender Domingos ran straight over to Palmeiras forward Diego Souza and began standing almost on top of the striker, much to Souza’s annoyance. A face-off ensued before Souza put both his hands on Domingos, and that was the invitation needed to send the substitute crashing to the deck, clutching his face in apparent pain, in a clear effort to get Souza sent off.

The referee bit, and instantly Diego Souza was red carded. But that just caused Souza to lose the plot even further.

Incensed at his opponents’ play-acting, Souza made every effort to get right in the grill of his new foe, only for a large group of players from both sides to get involved in keeping Souza at bay. Eventually it was Souza’s own teammate Marcao who managed to man-handle the furious Souza, grabbing the forward in a half-nelson wrestling move and marching the striker off the turf.

But Souza was not to be denied his revenge on Domingos. Breaking free from Marcao’s clutches, Diego Souza eventually broke free, charged straight for Domingos, and kicked his enemy up the backside.

The referee also sent Domingos for his part in the fracas.

Diego Souza’s fight with Domingos can be sene here.