Analysis of Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning goal for Manchester United v Porto

For those watching the Champions League tie between Porto and Manchester United last night on Star Sports, they were treated to Sky Sports analysis at half-time of Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning strike against Porto from Graeme Souness, Ruud Gullit and Jamie Redknapp.

The scientists ascertained that the goal was hit from 39.6 yards and travelled at a speed of 64.2 Mph. Former Liverpool and Rangers manager Graeme Souness questioned whether many players could score that goal on the training ground.

Jamie Redknapp added that the ball almost “explodes” off Ronaldo’s foot and compares the technique used to how the Portuguese attacker usually takes free-kicks.

Sky Sports analysis of the stunning strike can be seen here.

Following the game Cristiano Ronaldo described it as a “fantastic goal” and to MUTV he added that it “was one of my favourite goals.”

Two post-match interviews with Ronaldo can be seen here and here.