An incredible Ecuadorian entertainment FAIL: A parachutist misjudges his landing, falls on a footballer

This. Is. Unbelievable.

The Ecuadorian first division match between Barcelona Guayaquil and LDU Quito on Monday night saw a ludicrous FAIL in the warm-up as a parachute jump went totally wrong.

As the teams were warming up on the pitch, a couple of parachutists were hired for entertainment with the job of landing in the middle of the pitch.

Sadly for Jose Sislema Merello – who then posted what happened from his vantage on Facebook – his job execution was spectacularly poor.

After appearing to get spooked in the air by a fellow jumped, Merello over-shot his landing by some distance only to come down on the shoulder of unsuspecting LDU Quito attacker Claudio Daniel Bieler.

Watch the FAIL from the viewpoint of the parachutist below.

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(Spotted on World of Sport)

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