An explanation for why Turkey fans appeared to boo minute’s silence for Paris attack victims

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Turkey drew 0-0 with Greece in an international friendly on Tuesday night.

The goalless draw has though made headlines across the globe due to events before the game.

See: Turkish fans booed minute silence for Paris attack victims before match versus Greece (Video).

We have been inundated with feedback, both on the comments on the post itself, on Facebook and on Twitter.

In addition, we have also been presented with an explanation for the noises heard during the minute’s silence by Mustafa Özsarı – a Masters student at Anadolu University:

101GG Note: Everything below this point are the thoughts of Mustafa Özsarı – certainly, his views on the Kurdish-Turkish conflict will be questioned by many.

Let it be clear: In Turkey (especially at football matches) a one minute silence is always used to chant for those who died in terrorist attacks.

And what they are chanting is this “Şehitler ölmez, vatan bölünmez”. Translation: “Martyrs, they do not die (they are immortal), homeland (land, our land) is indivisible.”

That is a habit from our past with the terrorist organisation PKK. More than 30,000 of our citizens died over the past 30 years by the PKK (including babies, women, children, teachers, officers, doctors, students and soldiers).

In any event, after PKK terrorists kill someone in Turkey, people chant this. Below is a proof from one Turkish Premier League match:

Same slogan “Şehitler ölmez, vatan bölünmez”.

And also, they booed the terrorist, not the victims. Any victims of terrorism are accepted as martyrs in Turkish culture. There is no disrespect to them, there has not been, there will not be.

I demand a correction for your news, as soon as possible and an information mail related to topic.

Because this news creates hate around the world against my people, and for the wrong reasons.

Thank you!

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