An epic goalie fumble in Argentina leads to a comedy goal [Aldosivi 0 – Ferro 1, 2nd division]

Aldosivi look set to be the whipping boys of the Argentine second division if the opening two weeks of the new campaign are anything to go by.

After losing 3-0 on the road in round one, Aldosivi slumped to a 1-0 home defeat on Tuesday night courtesy of a freak goal after just two minutes.

Ferro’s Juan Pablo Pereyra was tossed a throw-in down the right hand touchline, and after controlling the ball with a few juggles the forward hooked a no-look pass over the Aldosivi backline looking to free one of his teammates.

Pereyra pass, though, was overhit, and their seemed no danger of anything as the ball bounced calmly towards home keeper Pablo Campodónico. But then came the brainfart.

Showing the catching skills of a eel, Campodónico allowed the ball to run through his grasp, through his legs, and into the goal. It was spectacularly bad.

Watch Pablo Campodónico’s epic goalie fumble below.