An Argentine footballer mistreated a pitch invading dog, got sent off for horrific behaviour

Belle Vista player Jose Jimenez is a new hate figure for animal rights activists in Argentina.

A shocking incident played out last weekend in a lower league match in Tucuman between San Juan and Bella Vista, as a pitch invading dog received horrific treatment after getting onto the surface in the middle of the game.

Having entered the field and laid down on the grass, Belle Vista’s Jimenez took it upon himself to eject the canine in a brutal fashion.

The footballer grabbed the dog by it’s neck, and proceeded to try and hurl it over the metal fencing like he was tossing away a rotten banana skin.

But the dog never made it over the barrier: instead it crashed into the separation parameter and bounced back onto the pitch.

After his shocking behaviour, San Jose fans and supporters showered abused on Belle Vista’s Jose Jimenez, and as a result the referee sent the player off for his cruelty to the animal.

Watch the shocking footage below.