American pitch invader records himself bursting on the pitch during Real Madrid v Inter

It’s been an eventful summer for American pitch invaders.

On Sunday we brought the story of the Cristiano Ronaldo pitch invading hugger who said he became a celebrity amongst criminals in jail, and now we have another clip featuring the best ever video selfie pitch invader.

On Saturday night Real Madrid beat Inter Milan 3-0 in St. Louis, and midway through the second half, when Ricky Álvarez planted a header into his own goal, one fan took the stoppage as his opportunity to meet the Los Blancos stars.

The fan, who is called Zack (according to Deadspin), went over and above the usual hi-jinx however, as he record his whole pitch invasion on his mobile phone.

Zack was able to stay on the pitch long enough to get face time with Kaka and Sergio Ramos before he was eventually nabbed by security.

Zack later told reporters about what happened after he left the pitch:

Oh, they didn’t do much. I got cuffed and walked to the jail cell there. And on my way Ramos said yahh when I was looking at the ground and then when I looked up he winked at me it was the best day ever!

Watch the best ever video selfie pitch invader ever below.