Amazing Adebayor interview: Spurs in title race, no hard feelings with ‘great man’ AVB, Togo team bus attack [Video]

Emmanuel Adebayor is one of the most misunderstood footballers around.

The Spurs striker is oft maligned for his apparent lack of interest and dedication to his profession, accused of not trying hard enough to fulfill his potential.

But as he explains in this riveting interview with Geoff Shreeves, walk a mile in another man’s shoes, then you can speak.

Adebayor relives the harrowing experience of a teammate dying in his arms when the Togo team bus came under attack in 2010, how lucky he was to escape, and the danger he regularly put himself in just by representing Togo.

It’s a danger he says he’s proud to risk, he says, so long as it’s reasonable and not immediately life threatening.

Adebayor talks at length of the pressure of playing for Togo and what it means to be representing the wider continent of Africa.

The discussion then moves onto the here and now: Spurs, Sherwood, and AVB.

But Adebayor maturely pleads the Fifth on going into detail on just what went on with he and AVB, preferring to see it as just one of those things, insisting that Villas Boas is a great man and that it just didn’t work out for him at Spurs for him for whatever reason.

Adebayor is only concentrating on the present – one in which he’s scoring goals, enjoying his football again, and confident of mounting a surprise title challenge…