Always Bombing! Chris Smalling’s epic miss for Manchester United v Swansea [Vine]

It’s been a crappy week for Manchester United defender Chris Smalling.

Smalling was hung out to dry by The Sun earlier in the week when the tabloid got hold of a picture of the Man United defender dressed up as a “suicide bomber” at a party.

According to Chris Smalling’s management group, the outfit, which he was wearing in his own home, was an elaborate pun on the popular ‘Jagerbomb’ drink.

Putting that to one side, United’s #24 was hanging his head in his hands on Saturday night in the Premier League when the 24-year-old missed a sitter against Swansea from 3-yards out.

Shinji Kagawa set up a golden opportunity for Smalling to fire United 3-up with a delicious cross from the left hand side, but despite the ball falling perfectly for Smalling so close to goal, the defender fluffed the chance skying the ball over the bar.

Watch a Vine video of  Chris Smalling’s epic miss for Manchester United v Swansea.