Alessandro Del Piero blanked teammate, stropped off in a huff when subbed in Sydney derby

This was an out of character moment from Alex Del Piero, but then again when you’re the team’s marquee player, you don’t expect to be taken off in the derby.

With Del Piero’s Sydney FC and Wester Sydney Wanderers locked at 0-0,Sydney coach Farina took the bold (foolhardy) decision to remove his star player from the action.

And Del Piero was not a happy bunny.

When his number went up on the electronic board he could barely believe it, and then blanked a teammate who went to high five him, as he stropped off in a huff, going straight to the bench without looking his coach in the eye.

That is, until he got to his seat, at which point he unleashed the most evil death stare ever seen.


Alessandro del Piero