Alan Smith says it’s a shame Arsenal have missed out on ‘Van Persie-like’ Julian Draxler on SSN [Video]

Alan ‘Smudge’ Smith is in the Sky Sports News studio today to discuss the latest happenings on Deadline Day.

And with his Arsenal background, he was naturally asked to give his two penneth on the Gunners’ transfer activity, or lack of it.

With Kim Kallstrom coming in as midfield back-up – a move Smith is pretty nonplussed about – Smith is disappointed as an Arsenal man that more wasn’t done to bring in a front man.

Namely Julian Draxler, who Smith contends was available for ‘a bit less than Schalke’s buy-out fee, so it’s a shame they’ve missed out on him, because there’ll be  more clubs in for him in the summer.’

Smith rates 20 year-old Draxler very highly, and even believes that he could develop into a Robin van Persie type of player, moving in from the wing to play a more central role as he matures and develops.

The one that got away for Arsenal…