Alan Hansen makes a punditry FAIL with his Euro 2012 picks

Do you spot the error?

The BBC’s leading pundit, Alan Hansen, has been widely ridiculed this Wednesday after publishing his picks for the top four spots at Euro 2012.

Germany, Holland and Portugal – despite all being in group B, and thus one of the three teams will have to be eliminated in the first round – were all selected by the surly Scot to reach the final four.

Whilst we have to say that Hansen clearly erred in his predictions, we’d also like to suggest that some faceless content editor at BBC Towers should also be receiving a public flogging: we doubt the Match of the Day pundit is able to immediately publish his articles on the BBC website.

Nevertheless it was all a little too sloppy from British broadcaster, and although the BBC moved swiftly amended their website the damage had already been done.

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