Alan Hansen doesn’t watch enough football to know players do own up to handball goals

Is this ignorance or simply that Alan Hansen spent so long at Liverpool that he cannot see that Luis Suarez was presented with a choice on Sunday at Mansfield?

The former Liverpool defender and MOTD pundit writes in the Daily Telegraph this morning:

“Whatever moral high ground you take over Luis Suárez’s goal, no footballer would ever ask for a goal to be disallowed. It has never happened in the history of the game. It will never happen in my lifetime. What exactly was Suárez supposed to do? Run to the referee and tell him it hit his hand? His team-mates would go berserk, and his manager would not be too impressed either.”

Seriously, how is this dinosaur a well remunerated pundit on the BBC?

In 2012 there were two very high profile cases of players owning up to handball goals and the referee duly chalked them off.

First, as we mentioned yesterday was Miroslav Klose in September. And in April Marius Ebbers got the referee to scrub out his hand of god goal for St Pauli against Union Berlin.

We can only presume Alan Hansen doesn’t watch any football outside the Premier League. Sure, not many people in England are keen observers of the German second division. But, the Klose incident took place in Serie A!

Please note, due to the extreme abuse we have received in the last 24 hours – this is not an attack on Liverpool or Luis Suarez. Merely an article asking how a respected pundit can write such nonsense in one of England’s foremost broadsheet newspapers.

Footage of Klose and Ebbers owning up to handball goals, for the benefit of Alan Hansen, can be seen below.