Al Masry fire the Hassan twins

Egyptian club Al Masry have fired coach Hossam Hassan (pictured) and football director Ibrahim Hassan, following ugly scenes in Friday’s North African Cup Winners Cup semi-final in Algeria against JSM Bejaia.

Hossam Hassan, a legendary former player for the Egyptian national team, was sent off during the game for protesting against the referee. Hassan’s brother, Ibrahim, was responsible for some crazy incidents following the final whistle, when his tantrum erupted.

He lost his temper during the 2-0 defeat, where he insulted the referee, assaulted the fourth official and made an improper gesture towards the home crowd.

Ibrahim Hassan justified his behavior after the match: “I am totally convinced with what I have done, I do not regret my acts, I will not apologize and I am insistent on my stance. Every action has a reaction, and I had to react to the intimidations we faced in Algeria. We tried to tell the officials about what the home fans were doing, but no one listened.”

Ibrahim Hassan added: “When I hit the fourth official, I was trying to defend myself because he held my finger firmly and was about to break it!. The fans threw missiles on us, a player was seriously injured and we also had to treat a staff member, who was caught by fire.”

Video footage of the incident can be seen here.