AIK Stockholm publish an open letter inviting English journalists to enjoy their loud atmosphere

Swedish club AIK Stockholm have released an open letter this Friday calling on English journalists to return to Scandinavia to experience a football match with real atmosphere.

AIK’s letter was prompted following reaction of British journalists after Sweden’s 4-2 win over the Three Lions back in Novemeber.

Whilst that friendly was made memorable by by Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s world-class overhead-volley from distance, the Swedes have also not forgotten how the visiting journalists slammed the library-esque atmosphere at the Friends Arena in Solna.

Several months on, and AIK want to show how Swedish football fans can indeed support their clubs vocally.

One can also assume that AIK president Thomas Edselius also appriecated the PR value of releasing the following open letter to an English audience.

Read AIK Stockholm’s letter below.

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