After Fabio Capello, now Jose Mourinho gets a lap-dance on Italian TV

Why isn’t Chiambretti Night on British TV yet. The ingredients are addictive with the Italian show featuring the most high-profile football guests in a cabaret environment, before each guest is then party to a lap-dance in front of the glued-to-their-TVs public.

Fabio Capello had already participated back in January, and last night it was the turn of the Special One to get the special treatment.

Mourinho however failed to look too pleased when the Inter manager became the centre of attention. With the scantily-clad dancing showing off her moves for the Portugeezer, Jose kept his eyes firmly fixed on the floor as he tried his best to avoid eye-contact with everybody.

But as you can see from the picture above, even Jose could not help but crack a cheeky smile.

Jose Mourinho’s lap-dance can be seen here.