Adidas accused of sexism over low neckline on Manchester United women’s shirt

Adidas launched their eagerly anticipated Manchester United shirt today, which sees the German manufacturers take over from Nike as their shirt suppliers and sponsors in a record deal.

The Nike logo has even been replaced by the Adidas one inside Old Trafford, which will take some getting used to for fans, which can also be said for the women’s shirt.

While the men’s shirt has been met with widespread satisfaction by fans, the women’s shirt has been justifiably questioned by some female fans.

No doubt about it: the low neckline is certainly an eyebrow raiser, which has led to accusations of sexism from Adidas.

Indeed, generally speaking, the women’s shirt should match the men’s shirt for design; there’s no reason why the neckline should be any different, or lower.

The shirt calls to mind Sepp Blatter’s chauvinistic idea some years ago that women’s football could attract more attention if the players wore tighter shorts.

What were Adidas thinking with this?

They knew the shirt was intended for football and not beach volleyball right?