AC Milan’s Mario Balotelli was shown a red card for dissent after the final whistle against Napoli [Video]

Sunday night was a bad night for Mario Balotelli.

Napoli beat AC Milan 2-1 win at the San Siro, and the match gained historical significance as Mario Balotelli finally missed a penalty.

Balotteli’s missed penalty, however, was far from the Italian striker’s only flashpoint in the match, as the Azzurri striker scored a last minute penalty before getting himself sent off after the full time whistle for dissent.

With the match over, a shirtless Balotelli flipped out aggressively at the officials and he was subsequently sent off. The 23-year-old’s eighth red card was a moment of silly petulance, and his manager Massimo Allegri berated his forward for picking up a suspension after the game.

Allegri explained:

When games are over, it’s better to stay quiet and I am against hysteria. It’s best to shut up and leave rather than stay there arguing with the referee, as it’s not going to change anything. Balotelli needs to improve that.

He received a fair few kicks, including many from behind, though he overall had a good game. Of course you’ve got to be angry at the final whistle [after losing], but you’ve got to remain serene. Hysterical outbursts don’t help at all. After the final whistle, you’ve got to shut up, otherwise you only do harm.

Watch footage of Mario Balotelli’s red card offence below.