AC Milan fans crash Italian TV to demand “where are our tickets”

Following a spate of fan riots, deaths and disturbances in Italian football in recent years, it is now common practice across Serie A for away fans to be routinely banned from travelling with their clubs, in an effort to help local authorities to keep law and order on matchdays.

However, as may be expected, not all fans have taken kindly to such banning orders, and AC Milan Ultras took drastic measures last weekend to air their complaints at being refused entry to the Rossoneri’s match at Juventus, storming a television show to make a public protest on live, national TV.

According to the Milanisti, the tickets were given to those Juve fans who only come and see the three most important games of the year, and then fail to turn up for the rest of the season. They are reacting against modern Calcio, the prawn sandwich brigade, shouting “dove i biglietti?” – “where are the tickets?”. Their statement is simple – we are the real supporters, we travel everywhere for our team, whereas you turn up only when it suits you.

The incident unfolded on the Controcampo TV show on Italian TV – a light hearted show that reviews the weekend’s action in Calcio, known for focusing in on the opinions of glamourous personalities and beautiful women. By choosing to interrupt the Controcampo show, the Ultras found their perfect symbolic backdrop, contrasting their raw, real grievances of die-hard football fans on the premier show that represents all that is wrong with modern football – the glitz, glamour and razzmatazz.

See the Milan fans invade the Controcampo TV show here.

(Thanks to James Horncastle from from the excellent Football Italia site for helping to translate this video for us, and filling in the blanks of this story.)