AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti & Inter’s Dejan Stankovic both get Punk’d on Italian TV

Or, as they say in Italian, “Scherzi a parte!”

One of the highlights of the weekly Italian TV schedule is Canale 5’s Punk’d rip-off show Scherzi a Parte, where celebrities from all genres are led to believe all sorts of wild and wacky scenarios are occurring, when really they are they butt of the joke with the whole nation invited to join in the fun at their expense.

As is standard fanfare, personalities from the world of Calcio are regular victims of the show, and on last week’s episode AC Milan boss Carlo Ancelotti and Dejan Stankovic took centre stage.

The situation caught Ancelotti being invited to a stately home of a regal Italian family. However once he arrived at aristocratic family’s house everything went pear-shaped as the Rossoneri coach proceeded to accidentally break a number of so-called priceless artifacts before the gag was eventually brought to and end.

Watch Carlo Ancelotti get Punk’d here.

In the second clip, Inter Milan’s Stankovic was led to believe he was trapped in a panic room that was rapidly filling with smoke, whilst finding himself sharing the experience with a camp photographer who he believed was coming on to him throughout.

Eventualy the Serb, who became more and more frustrated as time passed, was put out of his misery by fellow teammate Marco Materazzi.

Watch Dejan Stankovic get Punk’d here.