Absolutely vile: A handful of Liverpool fans post anti semitic Tweets after Spurs win Willian race

Most Liverpool fans are good, upstanding people who are passionate defenders of values such as justice, truth and decency.

Sadly though, a small group of brain-dead Liverpool supporters are tainting their club’s reputation having shamefully posted anti-semitic Tweets on the social network as news begins to flow that Tottenham have beaten the Scousers in the race for Brazilian star Willian.

With many expecting Tottenham to announce on Wednesday the official signing of Willian, Liverpool fans are trying to unpack why the Scousers failed to land the playmaker. In that regard, a number of Liverpool fans have become Twitter trolls in voicing disgusting opinions about Jewish people in regard to Tottenham.

For the record, Liverpool fans have not been the only supporters to hurl anti semitic abuse at Tottenham in the transfer window, as Twitter trolls have attacked Spurs chairman Daniel Levy for being “Jewish” in Gareth Bale’s transfer saga from London to Real Madrid.

A series of vile anti semitic Tweets from Liverpool fans made as Spurs win race to sign Willian can be read below.