Aaron Ramsey cynically drags down James McArthur in the 94th minute of Scotland 1 – Wales 2

Wales came back from a goal down to beat Scotland in an epic battle of Britain.

Having gone behind early on to a Grant Hanley goal, the Welshmen rallied to come back with two goals in the space of three minutes.

Scotland spent the closing stages chasing an equaliser, and could well have had one had James McArthur not been cynically brought down by Aaron Ramsey in the 94th and final minute.

Ramsey was correctly shown a straight red card.

it’s hard to tell whether McArthur would have actually reached the ball had he not been dragged down; but it’s a moot point.

As far as Ramsey was concerned, McArthur was through on goal and had to be brought down.

So what’s the difference between this cynical act, and say, Luis Suarez’s deliberate hand ball save at World Cup 2010?

You gotta do what you gotta do, but it’s interesting that Ramsey will largely escape criticism for this.

Watch Aaron Ramsey’s cynical professional foul on James McArthur at the death of Scotland 1 – Wales 2 below.