A young boy invades the pitch during River Plate v Lanus and runs rings around the stewards [Video]

A cheeky chap stole the limelight during River Plate’s 2-0 win over Lanus in Argentina on Sunday night when he became a pitch invader.

The boy, probably around 9 or 10, stormed onto the pitch in the final minutes of the match and his appearance on the pitch was egged on by loud cheers from the crowd.

Invigorated by the supporters cheers, the lad began running around the pitch the the annoyance of the players and stewards, with the highlight being when one security man  fell over as he tried to catch the little boy in a game of cat and mouse.

In the end the young supporter was grabbed by a couple of stewards and he was marched off the pitch.

See the comedy footage of the young pitch invader during Rover Plate v Lanus below.