A Word From The Boss: David Moyes writes open letter to Manchester United Season Ticket Holders

With Manchester United plunged in the depths of a season-long crisis, the spotlight is on manager David Moyes.

Acutely aware that the criticism has evolved from without to within, Moyes has moved to assuage fans’ fears and anxieties in an open letter, aimed particularly at the club’s season ticket holders.

In a letter entitled ‘A Word from the Boss’, Moyes tries to get the season ticket holders back on side by reiterating that he will do all in his power to get the club back to winning ways, believing that the club’s trials and tribulations this season will ultimately make it stronger.

Dismissing the noise and criticism from outside, Moyes tries to instill a siege mentality by insisting that now is the time to stick together.

Read Moyes’ letter to United’s season ticket holders below.

Thank you!

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